the silhouette inside

a debut collection of poetry and drawings by Kirsten Evans 

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photo by Jon Doucette

about the author

Kirsten Evans is a poet, author, and professional ballerina living in Providence, Rhode Island. 

For the past 10 years, while exploring her love of movement as a dancer with Festival Ballet Providence, Kirsten has kept a digital diary of her life through her blog, Setting The Barre. As Festival Ballet's Public Relations Assistant, she also writes copy and press releases for the company. Splitting her time between the stage and her studies, Kirsten recently earned her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Providence College. 

Kirsten's work has been published in Else Journal, Featured Poets, and Motif Magazine. Her first collection of poetry and drawings, "the silhouette inside", was released September 1, 2020.

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what are we telling ourselves?

"the silhouette inside" is a debut collection of poetry and drawings by Kirsten Evans. The work follows a conversation between the writer and her inner self as she navigates loss, love, and self-discovery.